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Your Software Development Project + The Virtual PMP = Effortless

What We Do

We manage your projects and let your developers be developers. We reduce delays and cost overruns and add structure so that you never feel like you’re just winging it. We understand that sometimes answers are discovered during the process of making, so we break projects into small chunks so that we can test, evaluate and then determine if we need to pivot.

How We Do It

We embrace the cloud platform evolution and adopt an agile methodology. No developers in-house? No problem. We'll pair you with top freelancers for seamless project integration. We use an iterative process, a single system, and plain language. We make sure our approach is always clear and transparent for everyone - SCRUM methodology minus the terminology.

Why Us

Many consulting companies offer project management, but only a very few have software development in their DNA. We are certified Project Management Professionals who started out as Software Developers so we are able to speak both technical and business language and can fit in seamlessly with your team to manage and deliver.

How Much Do We Cost

You pay for value, not for hours worked. Consultants aren't penalized for being too fast or too brilliant and for you, the price is certain.

What Do You Get

  • Liberation from your desk, project status wherever you go
  • Useful, quality software delivered frequently
  • Affordable, Fixed Cost
  • Access to top freelance developers and offshore firms
  • A project status system that works just like a social network
  • Methodical, steady, relentless forward movement
  • Consistent results
  • Peace of mind knowing that professionals are managing your projects

For no additional cost we provide the following capabilities:

Virtual whiteboard collaboration
Face-to-face collaboration through HD video
Automatic task timer- see how much time is really being spent on projects
Screen sharing- share your whole desktop or just 1 application
Instant messaging for project team members
Electronically sign contract documents
Record everything in the meeting- including video, voice, and screen sharing
Cloud based, ‘social’ project management system with real time status updates

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